Vintrinsic 3D Commerce

BEV/OS Core - 3D Commerce Solutions
We work with wine, cider, and spirit creators to provide solutions to grow their business while streamlining processes across what we see as three commerce “dimensions”.

The first is the modern, flexible Revel POS  that works seamlessly from your Tasting Room to festivals to your restaurant. We are an authorized reseller for Revel Systems POS ( A cloud, mobile, & offline capable POS system, Revel has been proven in use by a growing number of craft beverage producers. 

Hosmer Mobile

Add a Magento eCommerce  site that will boost sales, tie into the same inventory, sales, and customer reporting as the POS, and even tie into other functionality like our Case Club module. We build powerful Magento eCommerce sites tuned to what craft beverage producers need and tightly integrated with Revel Systems.

From there, we can customize software options to suit your business goals.

We are most excited about a very special third dimension of commerce we call Social Commerce. Savor  is our flagship platform which introduces some exciting new ways for craft beverage producers to relate to people who love their products and their brand. 

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