Beverage Operating Systems

BEV/OS - Beverage Operating SystemVintrinsic Wine & Craft Beverage Operating Systems support and streamline sales across all channels - tasting room, mobile (festivals and the like), online (Direct To Consumer), distribution, and our own unique social channel (Savor ). BEV/OS further supports a range of business processes by leveraging a combination of our software, third party software, hardware, and our direct service and support (via The Grape Squad ).

Vintrinsic BEV/OSBEV/OS has been developed in collaboration with a number of Finger Lakes wineries, cideries, breweries, and distilleries, and proven in use by those producers over the last several years. Vintrinsic has gathered best practices, shared them between companies, and progressively optimized them in collaboration with our customers. As an example, we have dialed in inventory control processes to the point where we are able to generate excise tax data for our customers on a monthly basis.

In short, BEV/OS implements our Vintrinsic 3D Commerce  technology and extends it to help streamline and, where possible, automate wine and craft beverage producer operations.