Savor Overview
Located at, Savor is our flagship offering - a social commerce platform focused on connecting craft beverage and food lovers with the destinations (wineries, cideries, breweries, distilleries, restaurants, bars) they love. Savor offers a revolutionary ability for destinations to help their customers’ maximize wine region experiences and include their friends (or make new ones) as part of extending their engagement with your brand.

Savor includes a range of features as detailed in the Savor Overview to the right (click the image for more detail). Of particular interest to wineries and many other destinations are two key capabilities Savor enables when integrated with the Revel POS as part of BEV/OS :

Automated Customer Information Capture

No more copying down drunkenly scrawled email addresses! The Savor Guestbook automates customer information capture directly into your POS, and your records are updated whenever the customer updates their Savor account information. In exchange Savor gives you ways to offer customers discounts and other benefits. We have put together Savor Guestbook Kiosk packages which we would be happy to setup and install for you. Ask for details.

Automated Product Listing 

If you use the Revel POS system, we can automatically pull product listings from Revel up into Savor . In other words, with no effort on the part of the winery (outside of the normal effort to add or update product information in Revel) you can have your products listed (with bottle shots and descriptions) in a social network where customers can discover, like, and share your products and otherwise champion your brand. Places that will particularly find value in automatic product listing are Craft Breweries and bars that sell beer on tap with frequent changes, or wineries with restaurants that have daily specials they'd like broadcast. In short, we help your physical products go viral.